About us

Primo - a modern karting club and karting school which is located almost in the center of St.Petersburg, close to the "Black River" metro station. Our go-cart track matches the highest requirements and standards — excellent go-karts, high-quality pavement, the original configuration of 400m tracks, enhanced security, free parking. All rooms are convenient and comfortable for the pilots, for the fans and guests.

Our karting club makes everyone feel like a real driver, regardless of gender and driving skills, the only restriction may relate to children shorter than 125 cm. Only here you can really feel new emotions, splash negativity and immerse yourself in another world- the world of speed and adrenaline. You can celebrate your birthday or other significant event here, to orginize corporate event, competition or to arrange an unforgettable holiday for children - our karting club is for you. We tried to create the most comfortable conditions, and we can say that we succeeded. It is impossible not to note our wonderful Italian restaurant, where you can relax after an exciting race.

Our philosophy

Movement is life! Maybe this motto and is not new, but for us it has great meaning. This is a norm of life for us! It is the best vaccination against ordinary life and gray merging routine. In our time, people must be active, they must constantly set new challenges for themselves, repeatedly open something new. This kind of a hobby helps you to escape from everyday problems and to develop discipline, attentiveness, quick decision-making in a difficult situation, as well as a cold mind and the opportunity to set goals and achieve it. It is not just the opportunity to feel like a pilot of a racing car, but also a chance to improve yourself. Visit our karting club and experience the most exciting emotions

Our goals

Popularization of motorsport is our main goal. We are fans of karting. We are all united by one interest, one common passion. And we hope that through our efforts karting and motorsport in general will come to a qualitatively new level in our country and we have created a professional karting club only for this. At the same time, we do not insist that you should do karting as a professional. It can be a hobby or an active holiday. In any case, the doors of Primo open to adults and children, beginners and professionals. If you do karting as a hobby or as a professional, it doesn't matter,you become more balanced in daily life, quieter and more attentive on the road,and for beginners we offer visit our karting school (for children and for adults), which allows not only to master the basic skills of motorsport, but also to achieve great heights in this area. Primo karting Club is a springboard to an interesting life and professional sport.

Every day from 12:00 till 00:00

Primo-drive go-kart with us,drive like we do it and do it better!